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I was wondering which version of Mac OS X Tiger do you guys have that has given you no problems at all running I have never tried updating and going to try ableton live 6 this weekend at home. no problem with the ppc.

Google Chrome [1] is one of the most popular and widely-used browsers in the world.

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However, sometimes it appears to have some issues, for example, high CPU usage on Macs. We highly recommend you to scan and clear your PC with Combo Cleaner to solve this problem.

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Download for free Combo Cleaner. Combo cleaner review. Chrome was first released in for Windows OS. Recently, Google Chrome added 5 new security updates to make Google Chrome safer and more functional. The updates include new host permissions, new extensions review process, new code reliability requirements, two-step verification requirements for developers and Manifest v3. Google Chrome Helper appears in the Activity Monitor menu. However, the Chrome Help Center does not provide any explanation what the Chrome Helper is or what it does.

However, we have found some information, [3] that this mysterious helper is the interface between the embed code in the browser and remote server. Google Chrome Helper is the generic name for embedded content that runs outside the browser. Browser plug-ins aren't features that are rendered by HTML code; they involve content that needs to be pulled in from elsewhere. If you want to disable the helper, it will not prevent you from using plug-ins. Most of the times, the issues related to Google Chrome web browser are caused by browser hijackers, malicious extensions, plug-ins or add-ons.

Because the helper is a black box from the OS' side of view. I personally found a mining extension that way. Chrome, or any modern browser, is not so much directly or itself a problem here. Flash on the other hand is a problem in itself. If uninstalling system-wide Flash and the one that is embedded within Chrome are not an option, you should at least prohibit it from autoplay. Misbehaving plugins or extensions might play a role too. Those mentioned by the OP are unfamiliar to me.

Starting without them might lead to satisfactory results. They are certainly not needed on every site you visit.

What is Google Chrome Helper? Its functionality & How To Disable It?

It may help to use different browsers or different profiles for one browser. The main fault that drives this resource hog is on the web itself. On really old fashioned sites you will not see so much pressure on the rendering and javascript engines that are demanding so much CPU. First line of defence against this is to block the grossly overused advertising and user profiling or user tracking that dominates almost every page out there.

Any adblocker is of tremendous value here. Second fault is mostly connected to ads as well but comes with a few additional nasties. Bad design on the pages themselves. That includes javascript abuse, bloated CSS, the Google enforced autoloading of additional content, dozens of cross site requests, big media elements. On most major sites you do not load a web page anymore. You load a bit of content that allows dozens of programs to execute around that. Since all these tips not only save your electricity bill and bandwidth everywhere they should also enhance your security and privacy.

So look for these search terms in Google's webstore: adblock , security , privacy and block.

Google Chrome Helper high CPU usage on Mac

I'd recommend disabling extensions and such temporarily and seeing if one of them is potentially causing the issue. If, however, you find that nothing seems to work, you can limit the resources available to Chrome. Limiting the resources provided is pretty easy provided you're willing to work with a little bit of third-party software. I deleted it!

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Thanks for the info! I tried finding "daemon" apps but didn't see any to remove. Should I use safari or is firefox good to use?! Jan 9, AM in response to stevoramaa In response to stevoramaa. Jan 9, AM. You'll find the daemon in your user account. Can't remember if it's in the LaunchAgents or LaunchDaemons folder. You can use Safari, but the Snow Leopard version is greatly out of date.

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Especially when it comes to security. Google Chrome stopped support for Snow Leopard a while back. So did Mozilla Firefox. Communities Contact Support.

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  7. What Is Google Chrome Helper, and Why Is It Hogging My CPU Cycles?!
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    Flash in Chrome using high CPU

    User profile for user: stevoramaa stevoramaa. So last resort, try this: -Go to to top left and click on "Chrome" -Select "Preferences" -A new tab will open your settings.

    Re-open and see if this has helped and not use up your CPU.