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I was wondering which version of Mac OS X Tiger do you guys have that has given you no problems at all running I have never tried updating and going to try ableton live 6 this weekend at home. no problem with the ppc.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To Mac

Does anyone know how to correct this? I'm having the exact same problem with Borderlands 2. Same problem, though I'm rather happy that Big Picture mode at least works fairly well with the PS3 controller for me only problem is triangle and square are swapped. Perhaps the fact that Valve included support for the PS3 controller in Big Picture mode suggests that they might eventually add support for Source games on Mac. Valve time. I own ControllerMate, and it allows pretty good support for many games, though you have to program the inputs some premade button maps can be found on forums.

And since Borderlands 2 has an aim assist toggle built in, it works quite well in conjunction with ControllerMate.

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Last edited by A Retired Ninja ; 5 Dec, am. Mine doesnt work at all lol I got all hyped for nothing. Zachari90 View Profile View Posts. I am having the exact same issue in Portal 2 on my Mac. Gamepad Companion is semi working for me, but I think that if I really want it to work I am going to be messing around with it for hours.

Any other quick fixes out there? Originally posted by Joke ITA :.


So just like the x-Box controller being the most probable controller on a PC, on a Mac you might expect a ps3 controller. As they both have exactly the same buttons and sticks, it is not that you have to invent a whole new control layout to make things work. Only the input has to be mapped differently, something. Hope Valve fixes this, so lets all keep reminding Valve to do this for us We need a way to select the controller type manually because Portal 2 and other source games I guess fail at detecting it correctly and default to Xinput.

When I start Portal 2 from Big Picture the controls are all messed up.

PS3 controller on OSX EL Captain

The strangest thing is ,when I look at the controller settings inside the game, it showns an xbox controller even though I never connected one. Portal fails at detecting the controller type and defaults to Xinput showing a xbox controller instead. Valve: Please work on getting this controller to function properly in-game! I tried out Big Picture with my Dualshock and it worked perfeclty, no configuration required. So I assumed that at least all the Source games that say they have full controller support would be playable. They aren't, so don't get your hopes up.

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