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I was wondering which version of Mac OS X Tiger do you guys have that has given you no problems at all running I have never tried updating and going to try ableton live 6 this weekend at home. no problem with the ppc.

If it was going to be updated, it would have likely been around now, as Apple tends to do refreshes in the first three months, mid-summer, or last three months of the year. Posted 14 December - AM Know Posted 14 December - AM It probably still wont be available in December, and i gather that the release wasn't because they wanted to release in December, but because they were having manufacturing issues If it were going to be done soon, theyd have done it already.

Posted 14 December - PM Trivial yes.. Sign In Need an account? Register now! I've forgotten my password. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Intel chips are just generic for gaming and 3D modeling. The price you pay for a Mac, it should come with a better graphics chip. Not but honestly this is ridiculous — after retina came out we struggled to get non-Apple apps run in retina resolution. And now we try to make them NOT run in retina, cos the hw cannot take it. When will Apple come out with cost comparable tools to run games in high FPS without sacrificing display quality?

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Shame really imo. I thought I was done with PC for many reasons but for less than half the cost of my RMBP, I now had to have a Windows machine that will run any game at max settings plus. I realize this is a long discussed and sore concern but to what end?

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Firstly, you have a 5k Professional grade 10bit, pre-color tuned display for absolutely no reason other than it looks nice. Most people forget that when they buy an Apple. MacOS has more interesting looking applications because the Operating system takes much much deeper control of all rendering, and draws it all at once rather than rasterising layers as Windows does. This makes every animation much smoother, and performance of the UI virtually guaranteed even if the underlying system is chugging. Many freezes of your Mac still leave your animations etc working onscreen, the system is that robust.

The reason this is enforced system wide is down to how Cocoa and Swift, two mac programming languages, use very simple systems to create usually very time consuming effects.

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Lots of programmers as a result make much more beautiful apps in less time. Just makes everything easier and faster to make, but less optimised. This means your GPU calls to the processor are less likely to come back in good time. I really have no problem with the lower resolution and get to enjoy buttery smooth animations everywhere, even in pos iTunes.

It also tends to make the shadows heavier which is nice. This helps.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. I've had some titles strain in windowed mode but really pick up when set to full-screen, and other titles choke in full-screen but suddenly become playable in windowed mode. Your mileage may vary. Even if your Mac is packed with a massive SSD and plenty of RAM, keeping a bunch of apps running in the background while you fire up a full-screen game isn't going to do you any favors.

If you game on Windows, you're probably used to the performance tradeoff of keeping other apps open while you game, so you should be ready for it in OS X as well. This is especially true for heavier apps and web browsers, which consume more system resources the longer they've been open.

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If you can, close Firefox or Chrome on your Mac while you game, or at least close them before you game and start a fresh session if you like to surf the web or research while you play. In some cases, it's not a big difference, but in others—namely when it comes to web browsing—it can be pretty nightmarish. Flash, Java, and other heavy plugins for web content are especially to blame for sucking down system resources while you're trying to play full-screen games, and fighting those games for valuable processor time even though the game clearly has priority.

You could just remove Flash and Java entirely, or you could install ClickToFlash for Safari or Flashblock for Firefox or Chrome to stop it from loading until you actually want it. Activity Monitor is built in to OS X and gives you a complete picture of which processes and applications are using the most memory, CPU, and disk resources.

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It's great, and it's a great way to see if there's some application open behind your games that's slowing everything down so you can close it even if that app is Steam—I've seen that happen before. However, Activity Monitor can be a pain to keep an eye on behind a full-screen game, so consider iStat Menus , which essentially puts those tools in your Mac's menubar.

I know we suggested keeping menubar utilities to a minimum, but the beauty of iStat Menus is that they're really light on system resources, and can tell you more than just RAM, CPU, and disk activity. One click shows you CPU temperature, battery temperature, fan speed, and more. You can get a feel for whether or not there's a hardware issue at play as well as a software one like a broken or dying fan, for example , even while your favorite game is up and running.

Just to get the inevitable out of the way, yes—you can always install Windows on your Mac. Whether you give up on OS X entirely or you use Boot Camp to dual-boot, you can run Windows and your favorite Windows apps and games on your Mac hardware. It's one way to get your game on in a way you're probably familiar, and use all of the tweaks and tools you're familiar with.

Plus, if you're running Windows, you have a broader array of games available for you to play, and many of them will actually run better in Windo, you have more options. A Mac actually makes a remarkably solid Windows computer, and while it's not designed specifically for gaming, most models' discrete graphics make them pretty good for the task.