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I was wondering which version of Mac OS X Tiger do you guys have that has given you no problems at all running I have never tried updating and going to try ableton live 6 this weekend at home. no problem with the ppc.

Download Flipps TV here. Similar to Netflix, Moviebox allows you to browse their catalog of movies in addition to TV shows and music videos. You can also browse by genre, rating, or even year. All of this media is delivered via peer-to-peer p2p torrents, which is the way you can get free media. The concept of peer-to-peer torrents often brings to mind older applications like Napster — and while p2p is not illegal, the sharing of media or data could be illegal.

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Moviebox was initially created for Android, but it is available for iOS and can be used on your iPhone or iPad. Download Moviebox here.

Originally called Grouper, it later changed its name and was eventually acquired by Sony. The platform offers full-length, uncut films that are available to watch with intermittent commercial breaks. New films are being added constantly, and Crackle also features a backlog of TV shows in a variety of genres. You can get the Crackle app on iOS , but content is also available on its browser-based site for Mac users. The selection might be hit-or-miss for some, and not every movie is available in every device or region.

VLC media player for Mac - Download

You can buy or rent TV shows or films from a large selection of movies — ranging from classics to the latest box office hits. Just think of it like catching a movie on live TV with traditional commercial breaks. Vudu offers an iOS app for iPhone and iPad, as well as an in-browser viewing option for watching content on Macs. Viewster is yet another content-on-demand platform that offers users free, ad-supported TV shows and movies.

2. Amazon Video On Demand

While the premise is basically the same as other free content platforms around, Viewster seems to have a slightly different focus as far as its actual content goes. You can find a wide range of foreign films, documentaries, classic Hollywood movies, and international TV. But the site also has a massive catalog of anime movies and shows, as well as gamer-focussed or animated content.

If your taste in film skews toward the independent, informative or obscure, Snag Films might be an excellent bet for free content. Currently, it features a catalog of about 5, films which can be viewed for free with advertisements. You can stream content directly on the site. Along with high-profile documentary titles and National Geographic content, SnagFilms also features tons of films submitted by independent documentarians and filmmakers.

Users can stream content via browser or through the iOS app. Instead, it allows you to search through thousands of titles and figure out where you can watch them for free or otherwise. Rather than search through Vudu, Crackle and the like, you can simply use Yidio to track down the platform hosting your favorite films. The platform recently got a slew of content from major publishers like Lionsgate and MGM. And, again, its service is completely free to use because video streaming is ad-supported.

TubiTV does tend to do extremely well with cult classics, documentaries, foreign films and independent movies. An account is required to stream content. Popcornflix is an on-demand video content site that is owned by an independent film distributor. As you can probably imagine, a lot of the content on the site is made up of films or TV shows put out by that independent distributor.

Still, Popcornflix offers a ton of options in various genres — from horror and thriller, to action and drama films. As with most apps on this lists, these films can be streamed via browser or through a free iOS app. Yeah, we know: You can find anything from old black-and-white classics to freely available documentaries on the platform. Available via web browser or iOS. For one, if you purchase a movie it's accessible to stream on any Internet-connected computer, so can watch it on your laptop while visiting the in-laws without having to remember to copy it to that Mac's hard drive.

Another—particularly if you're willing to broaden your video diet to include TV shows—is price.

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  • Even if you're interested in movies only, Amazon also offers deals on current movie rentals. One could very reasonably argue that the iTunes Store provides more value—you actually have the content on your hard drive rather than in the cloud, and you can play them on an iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV. But if your intention is to watch the video only on a TV connected to a computer or on the Mac's screen itself, Amazon could be the better deal, provided that you have fast and reliable broadband.

    Best Free Movie Apps for Mac and iPhone

    To stream HD content you should have a broadband connection of 5mbps or better. Also, those Amazon videos are available to you wherever you have a computer and fast Internet connection. The-DVD-in-the-mailbox company, Netflix , has offered movie streaming for a couple of years through its Watch Instantly feature.

    Recent release movies are starting to appear. Regrettably, no HBO content is offered for streaming. However, both the Boxee and Plex media center applications allow you to watch Netflix Watch Instantly content. The visual quality of Netflix's content doesn't match that of either the iTunes Store or Amazon Video On Demand—both of which look quite good. The faster your Internet connection, the better the picture.

    Of course YouTube has movies… no, real movies. Okay, some are real old movies, but movies nonetheless. And they're free. And keep YouTube bookmarked. Reports are that YouTube is talking to major movie studios about offering movies for rent. As mentioned earlier, Boxee is a media center application rather than a source for videos.

    30. Playbox

    However, it includes a couple of plug-ins that can lead you to movies scattered across the Web. For example, install the Internet Archive plug-in and you can view a vast number of old films including silent films that are now in the public domain. Your normal programs such as Keynote and Quicktime will now be able to play any movie format. You will need to quit and restart Quicktime or Keynote after you install Perian. Sam — what type of file is it?

    Six ways to watch movies on your Mac

    You can use something like mpeg streamclip google it, download, install it and try to convert it to a file type that perian or quicktime can read. Perian is typically great for playing…well, everything.

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    • Can anyone offer any advice? When I try to open an avi file, quicktime says I need to install additional components. I was having the same problem. As well, now they seem to work with proper previews in iMovieHD. I am trying to play. After downloading A52codec, I am able to play the video but not the audio.